How It Works?

How it Works

1. Sign up on WattExpert

Signup on WattExpert is super easy and takes less than a few minutes.

2. Subscribe to desired AI Plan

Choose the WattExpert package that’s right for you OR Establish Contact to have custom Business/Sales Forecasting & Predictive Analytics done for your organization.

3. Upload Data

Upload Data Files securely in XML, JSON or CSV formats OR Download/Setup our Smart Agent for continuous Data Streaming to our AI.

4. Get Analysis & Predictive Analytics

Get forecasting results in tabular and graphical formats for a 360-degree spectrum of Sales, Demographics & Business Analytics.

5. Maximize Sales Revenue

Experience our remarkable AI boost your organizational sales with a remarkable degree of accuracy.


In today’s ever-changing world, there is a multitude of factors that, affect a customer’s loyalty to brands and merchants, consequently determining their repeating behavior. These factors include but are not limited to presentation-related factors e.g. placement factors, customer service, available payment methods, availability of choices and product quality amongst others.
WattExpert’s bleeding edge AI is able to model customer loyalty and repeat behavior, given just the transaction history of customers with it’s proprietary Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. WattExpert’s data crunching can be broadly classified into the following activities.

Repeat Behavior prediction

The objective is to predict repeat behavior of customers, given a target entity. The target entity here is a Seller/Merchant.

Product placement/ Offer optimization

WattExpert predicts repeat behavior of customers for specific products. Combined with the first activity, this further narrows down the target area of potential clients, which ultimately leads to better product placement and highly optimized offers.


Forecasting Sales Quantities accurately is vital for an Energy Provider organization in order to take predictive action for the next sales period for a sustainable operation and competition. Today’s fast-moving business ecosystem forces companies to maintain and sustain a competitive advantage which ultimate results in maximized profitability. It is a well-known rule of thumb that, organizations perform better when they apply data-driven decision-making.
Data-driven decision-making is the practice of basing decisions on data analysis, rather than on intuition. Sales forecasting involves predicting just the right amount that potential customers will purchase, given the product features and the conditions of the sale. With it’s state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) predictive models that, provide predictive analytics in complex business environments, WattExpert’s deep learning AI forecasts with seasonality and trends. This ultimately helps the organization to set and alter their strategies in order to improve their productivity in the coming future.